The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank Limited Net Banking IFSC, MICR Codes

In this article, you will find the the kangra central cooperative bank limited net banking ifsc, micr codes. The list of the kangra central cooperative bank limited has 218 bank branches. For RTGS, IMPS and NEFT each the kangra central cooperative bank limited branch has its own code. The below code will allow you to use the kangra central cooperative bank limited netbanking , internet banking, online banking, enet, online payment like services.

Find list of the kangra central cooperative bank limited bank code with branch address, city, state:

IFSC Code MICR Code Branch Address Contact City District State
KACE0000001 NA Rtgs-ho Civil Lines Dharmsala Distt Kangra H.p. 176215 223280 Kangra Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000002 176850052 Dharamshala Civil Lines Dharmsala Distt Kangra H.p. 176215 223227 Kangra Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000003 176850074 Nurpur Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra 176202 220051 Kangra Nurpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000004 176850102 Main Bazar Palampur Main Bazar Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 230587 Kangra Palampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000005 177850002 Hamirpur Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p.177001 222201 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000006 175850002 Kulu Tehsil & Distt Kulu H.p. 175101 222598 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000007 175850053 Keylong Tehsil Keylong Distt Lahul & Spiti 175132 222228 Lahul & Spiti Keylong Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000008 176850157 Dehra Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p.177101 233109 Kangra Dehra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000009 174850120 Amb Vpo Amb Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p. 177203 260021 Una Amb Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000010 175850004 Banjar Near Old Bus Stand,v.p.o:- Banjar,tehsil:- Banjar, District:- Kulu. (h.p). Pin:- 175123. 222229 Kulu Banjar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000011 177850011 Barsar V.p.o. Barsar Distt. Hamirpur 288028 Hamirpur Barsar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000012 176850173 Nagrota Bagwan V.p.o Nagrota Bagwan Distt. Kangra 176047 252271 Kangra Nagrota Bagwan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000013 174850102 Una Tehsil & Distt. Una H.p. 174303 223386 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000014 174850121 Daultpur Chowk Vpo Daulatpur Chowk Tehsil Amb Distt. Una 177204 265034 Una Daulatpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000015 176850054 Kandrori Tehsil Indora Distt. Kangra 176402 244422 Kangra Kandroori Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000016 176850103 Baijnath Tehsil Baijnath Distt. Kangra 176225 263029 Kangra Baijnath Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000017 174850122 Chintpurni Vpo Chintpurni Tehsil Amb Distt. Una H.p. 177110 255233 Una Chintpurni Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000018 177850012 Nadaun Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177033 232282 Hamirpur Nadaun Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000019 176850104 Lambagaon Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt Kangra H.p. 176096 228251 Kangra Lambagaon Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000020 175850005 Ani V.p.o:- Anni, Tehsil:- Anni, District:- Kulu.(h.p).pin:- 172026. 253347 Kulu Ani Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000021 176850158 Haripur Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 176028 265034 Kangra Haripur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000022 176850055 Dhameta Tehsil Fatehpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176025 254424 Kangra Dhameta Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000023 176850053 Dada-siba Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra H.p 177106 289225 Kangra Dada Siba Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000024 176850177 Jawali Vpo Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 264226 Kangra Jawali Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000025 177850021 Bhoranj Teshil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 176045 266032 Hamirpur Bhoranj Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000026 174850116 Santokhgarh Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 174301 256024 Una Santokhgarh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000027 176850178 Nagrota Surian Tehsil Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 176027 265021 Kangra Nagrota Surian Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000028 176850056 Lohara Tehsil Fatehpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176053 256019 Kangra Fatehpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000030 176850179 Raja-ka-talab Teshil Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 176051 250043 Kangra Raja Ka Talab Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000031 176850075 Gangath Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176204 275032 Kangra Gangath Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000032 176850076 Jassur Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176201 226090 Kangra Jasur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000033 176850152 Kangra Rajput Bhawankangrapo Kangra Distt Kangra H.p. 265057 Kangra Kangra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000034 174850104 Bangana Teshil Bangana Dist. Una H.p. 174307 262023 Una Bangana Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000035 175850052 Manali Tehsil Manali Distt. Kulu 175131 252433 Kulu Manali Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000036 177850013 Bhijari Vpo Bijhari Tehsil Barsar Distt. Kangra H.p. 283024 Hamirpur Bijhari Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000037 174850123 Gagret Vpo Gagret Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p. 177201 241302 Una Gagret Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000038 175850006 Nirmand Teshil Nirmand Distt. Kulu 172023 255141 Kulu Nirmand Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000039 176850180 Bharmar Tehsil Jawali Dsitt. Kangra H.p. 176021 250057 Kangra Bharmar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000040 176850066 Rait V Po Raitdistt Kangra H.p. 238049 Kangra Rait Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000041 175850007 Bhunter Teshil & Dsitt. Kulu 175125 265090 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000042 177850003 Sujanpur Tira Teshil Sujanpur Tira Distt. Hamirput 176314 272042 Hamirpur Sujanpur Tira Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000043 176850181 Harsar Teshil Jawali Dsitt. Kangra 253524 Kangra Harsar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000044 176850160 Rakkar Tehail Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177043 279224 Kangra Rakkar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000045 177850014 Dhaneta Vpo Dhaneta Tehsil Nadaun Distt Hamirpur 234044 Hamirpur Dhaneta Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000046 177850015 Galore Vpo Galore Distt. Hamirpur 242025 Hamirpur Galore Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000047 175850054 Kaza Vpo Kaza Tehsil Spiti 9418556393 Lahul & Spiti Kaza Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000048 174850110 Haroli Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una H.p. 177220 284032 Una Haroli Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000049 176850118 Dheera Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176101 222238 Kangra Dheera Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000050 176850077 Kotla Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176205 236623 Kangra Kotla Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000051 176850057 Rehan Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176022 250036 Kangra Rehan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000052 176850058 Badukhar Teshil Indora Distt Kangra 257433 Kangra Badukhar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000053 176850154 Jourbar Vill Jourbar Po Tipri Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra H.p. 177112 276123 Kangra Bathu-tipri Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000054 176850119 Panchrukhi Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176103 254225 Kangra Panchrukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000055 174850114 Raipur Maidan Teshil & Dsitt. Una H.p. 244408 Una Raipur-maidan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000056 176850161 Jawalamukhi Tehsildehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 176031 222274 Kangra Jawalamukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000057 176850174 Danoa Vill Danoa P.o. Baroh Distt Kangra 176054 259018 Kangra Badoh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000058 176850168 Gaggal V Po Gaggal Distt Kangra H.p. 232284 Kangra Gaggal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000059 176850120 Thural Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176107 276649 Kangra Thural Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000060 176850155 Sansarpur Terrace Vpo Sansarpur Terrace Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra H.p.176501 256431 Kangra Sansarpur Terras Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000061 177850004 Bhota Vpo Bhota Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 255034 Hamirpur Bhota Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000062 175850008 Sainj Sainj, V.p.o:- Sainj, Tehsil:- Sainj, District:- Kulu. (h.p). Pin:- 175134. 230031 Kulu Sainj Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000063 177850005 Anoo Vpo Anoo Distt. Hamirpur 222405 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000064 175850055 Shansha Teshil Keylong Distt. Lahul & Spiti H.p. 278102 Lahul & Spiti Keylong Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000065 177850016 Bara Vpo Bara Distt. Kangra H.p. 238040 Hamirpur Bara Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000066 176850162 Chanour Teshil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177113 286231 Kangra Daliara Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000067 174850124 Panjawar Vpo Panjawar Tehsil Haroli Distt Una H.p. 177208 286043 Una Panjawar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000069 176850078 Sadwan Tehsil Nurpur Distt.kangra H.p. 176202 234061 Kangra Nurpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000070 176850105 Bir Teshil Baijnath Dsitt. Kangra H.p. 175041 268556 Kangra Bir Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000071 176850059 Sathana Teshil Fatehpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176025 288883 Kangra Badukhar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000072 177850006 Lambloo Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177029 248021 Hamirpur Lambloo Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000073 176850163 Pragpur Teshil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177107 245007 Kangra Pragpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000074 175850009 Dalas Dalash, V.p.o:- Dalash, Tehsil:- Anni, District:- Kulu. (h.p). Pin:- 172025. 256624 Kulu Dalas Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000075 176850071 Kb Dharamshala Kotwali Bazar Dharmsala Distt Kangra 176215 223244 Kangra Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000076 176850060 Indora Teshil Indora Distt. Kangra H.p. 176401 241232 Kangra Indora Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000077 175850017 Katrain Tehsil & Distt. Kulu H.p. 175129 240249 Kulu Katrain Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000078 174850118 Takoli Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una H.p. 177039 276037 Una Sohari Takoli Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000079 174850152 Mehatpur Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 174315 232117 Una Mehatpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000081 176850121 Nagri Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176059 252301 Kangra Chachian Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000082 176850106 Deol Teshil Baijnath Dsitt. Kangra H.p. 176125 264134 Kangra Baijnath Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000083 176850115 Khundian Teshil Khundian Distt. Kangra H.p. 176030 272053 Kangra Khundian Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000084 176850122 Wahe-da-patt Tehsil Palampur Dist. Kangra H.p.176086 272216 Kangra Khaira Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000085 177850022 Patta Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 173233 267128 Hamirpur Bhoranj Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000086 176850107 Jaisinghpur Teshil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176095 228354 Kangra Jaisinghpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000087 174850106 Dushara Teshil & Distt. Una 174302 233002 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000088 176850067 Shahpur V Po Shahpur Distt Kangra H.p. 238001 Kangra Shahpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000089 177850023 Tauni Devi Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur 177023 278005 Hamirpur Taunidevi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000090 175850010 Larjee V.p.o. Larjee Tehsil Sainj Distt. Kulu Pin 175122 0 Kulu Banjar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000091 176850108 Paprola Teshil Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.p. 176115 242532 Kangra Paprola Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000092 176850062 Damtal Teshil Indora Distt Kangra H.p. 176403 244775 Kangra Damtal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000093 176850123 Bhawarna Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176083 247290 Kangra Bhawarna Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000094 177850024 Panjot Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177029 275144 Hamirpur Taunidevi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000096 174850109 Govt. College Una Tehsil & Distt. Una H.p. 174303 225202 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000097 176850169 Bagli V Pobagli Distt Kangra H.p. 232570 Kangra Gaggal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000098 177850018 Bani Vpo Bani Distt Hamirpur 288070 Hamirpur Barsar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000099 175850018 Gandhi Nagar Kulu Distt. Kulu H.p. 225545 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000100 176850068 Charri V Po Charri Distt Kangra H.p. 277296 Kangra Chari Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000101 177850007 Didwin Tikkar Tehsil Barsar Dsitt. Hamirpur H.p.177401 255169 Hamirpur Bhota Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000102 176850109 Chadiar Tehsil Baijnath Distt. Kangra 176088 257359 Kangra Chadihyar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000103 174850111 Jhalera Tehsil & Distt. Una H.p. 225907 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000104 176850124 Kotlu Teshil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176096 274549 Kangra Palampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000105 176850175 Pathiar V.p.o. Pathiar Distt. Kangra H.p. 176047 253632 Kangra Chamunda Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000106 176850063 Thakurdwara Tehsil Indora Distt. Kangra 176403 240168 Kangra Damtal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000107 175850019 Raison Tehsil & Distt Kulu H.p. 175128 245470 Kulu Raison Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000108 175850012 Bajaura Tehsil & Distt Kulu H.p. 175125 265353 Kulu Bajaura Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000109 175850013 Jaban Jaban, Village:- Jaban, P.o:- Kandagai, Tehsil:- Anni, District:- Kullu. (h.p). Pin:- 172025. 257256 Kulu Dalas Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000110 175850020 Sajala At Khaknal Tehsil & Distt. Kangra H.p. 175143 259401 Kulu Manali Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000111 176850170 Ghahlian Tehsil & Distt. Kangra H.p.176029 213401 Kangra Ranital Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000112 177850019 Kangoo Vpo Kangoo Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur 231851 Hamirpur Kangoo Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000113 176850110 Rakkar-bheri Tehsil Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.p. 176063 254627 Kangra Panchrukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000114 174850103 Ajouli Tehsil & Distt. Una 174301 256526 Una Ajouli Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000115 176850164 Paisa Paisa Road Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177101 288185 Kangra Jawalamukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000116 176850171 Purana Kangra Tehsil & Distt. Kangra H.p. 176002 262722 Kangra Kangra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000117 175850011 Bail P.o.koil Tehsil Nirmnad Distt. Kulu Pin 173023 265249 Kulu Nither Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000118 176850079 Chougan Nurpur Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176202 221098 Kangra Nurpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000119 176850111 Upper Lambagaon Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt Kangra H.p. 176096 227331 Kangra Lambagaon Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000120 176850064 Dhangu Pir Tehsil Indora Dist. Kangra H.p. 176403 244960 Kangra Damtal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000121 176850072 Yol Camp Yol Camp Distt. Kangra H.p. 176052 235848 Kangra Yol Camp Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000122 176850165 Nehran Pukhar Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177104 268596 Kangra Pragpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000123 177850025 Jahu Teshil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 176048 263396 Hamirpur Jahu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000124 176850126 Sulah Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176085 220335 Kangra Sulah Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000125 176850125 Rajpura Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176051 239129 Kangra Panchrukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000126 176850176 Rajiana V.p.o. Rajiana (53 Miles) Distt. Kangra H.p. 176056 267493 Kangra Nagrota Bagwan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000127 176850156 Kasba Kotla Vpo Kasba Kotla Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra H.p. 177111 253809 Kangra Kasba Kotla Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000128 174850125 Mubarakpur Vpo Mubarikpur Tehsil Amb Distt.una H.p. 177202 264351 Una Mubarakpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000129 176850073 Dari Vill . Barol P.o. Dari Distt. Kangra H.p.176057 223099 Kangra Dari Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000130 175850021 Bhutti Colony Tehsil & Distt. Kulu H.p. 175126 260616 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000131 176850112 Sansal Teshil Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.p. 175115 262705 Kangra Baijnath Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000132 174850126 Shastri Market Daulatpur Chowk Daulatpur Chowk Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p. 177204 266321 Una Daulatpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000133 177850008 Bir Bhagerha Vpo Bir Baghera Distt Hamirpur 276065 Hamirpur Sujanpur Tira Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000134 177850026 Bhareri Tehsil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p.177024 260687 Hamirpur Bhareri Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000135 177850020 Salauni Vpo Salauni Tehsil Barsar Distt Hamirpur H.p. 261697 Hamirpur Salauni Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000136 176850166 Bankhandi Teshil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177114 284595 Kangra Bankhandi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000137 177850017 Chakmoh Vpo Chakmoh Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 286434 Hamirpur Chhakmoh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000138 176850116 Darang V.p.o.darang Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra 176060 241067 Kangra Nagrota Bagwan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000139 175850014 Jari Teshil & Distt. Kulu 276034 Kulu Jari Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000140 176850114 Chougan Bir Tibetan Colony Bir Tehsil Baijnath Dsitt. Kangra H.p. 176077 268039 Kangra Bir Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000141 176850127 Syndicate Area Palampur Near Sheetla Mata Mandir . Sy. Area Palampur Distt Kangra H.p. 230917 Kangra Palampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000142 176850080 Bhadwar Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 235261 Kangra Bhadwar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000143 177850028 Ladrour Tehsil Bhoranj Distt Hamirpur H.p. 267913 Hamirpur Ladraur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000144 177850027 Samirpur Teshil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 275741 Hamirpur Taunidevi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000145 177850010 Lower Bazar Hamirpur Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177001 222509 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000146 176850172 Jamanabad V.p.o. Jamanabad Distt Kangra H.p. 263577 Kangra Kangra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000147 176850069 Rajol V.p.o. Rajol Distt Kangra H.p. 233431 Kangra Rait Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000148 176850128 Daroh Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p.176107 275582 Kangra Daroh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000149 177850029 Chouri Teshil Sujanpur Tira Distt. Hamirput 176111 240374 Hamirpur Taunidevi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000150 177850009 Rangas Teshil Nadaun Dist. Hamirpur H.p. 177048 241677 Hamirpur Rangas Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000151 175850015 Parla Bhuntar Teshil & Distt Kullu H.p. 175125 265584 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000152 174850108 Dullehar Tehsil Haroli Distt Una H.p. 176601 251960 Una Dulehar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000153 176850113 Mahakaal Teshil Baijnath Distt. Kangra H.p. 176125 265207 Kangra Mahakal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000154 174850127 Bharwain Vpo Bharwain Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p.177109 256561 Una Bharwain Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000155 176850167 Santala Teshil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177034 203642 Kangra Pragpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000156 176850182 Lubh Teshil Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 176023 264027 Kangra Lubh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000157 174850112 Lathiani Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una H.p. 260578 Una Bangana Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000158 176850065 Makroli Teshil Indora Distt. Kangra H.p. 176022 200140 Kangra Rehan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000159 177850030 Tikker Khatrian Teshil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177025 287472 Hamirpur Awaha Devi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000160 175850003 Durah V.p.o Durah Tehsil Nirmand Distt Kulupin 172033 0 Kulu Ani Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000161 175850056 Udaipur Teshil Udaipur Distt. Lahul & Spiti H.p. 175142 222443 Lahul & Spiti Udaipur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000162 174850115 Regional Hospital Una Teshil & Distt.una H.p. 174303 225080 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000163 175850057 Sissu Tehsil Keylong Distt Lahul & Spiti 263151 Lahul & Spiti Keylong Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000164 176850070 Mcleodganj Bhagsu Road P.o. Mcleodganj Distt. Kangra H.p.176219 220310 Kangra Mcleodganj Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000165 176850153 Chalwara Teshil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 263012 Kangra Jawali Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000166 177850031 Kuthera Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 244060 Hamirpur Bhota Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000167 177850032 Awahdevi Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 275080 Hamirpur Awaha Devi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000168 177850033 Puca Baroh Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 225288 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000169 177850034 Kale Amb Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 246164 Hamirpur Awaha Devi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000170 176850081 Baranda Teshil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176201 238522 Kangra Varanda Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000171 176850130 Pahra Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p.176087 255088 Kangra Pahra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000172 176850129 Thakurdwara Teshil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p.176102 238128 Kangra Palampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000173 176850131 Bheri Teshil Jaisinghpur Distt. Kangra H.p.176082 271260 Kangra Balakrupi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000174 177850036 Ukhli Teshil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 176042 257021 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000175 177850035 Jalari Teshil Nadaun Dist. Hamirpur H.p. 177042 232130 Hamirpur Nadaun Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000176 174850107 Basal Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 174303 272169 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000177 174850105 Dehlan Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 174306 0 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000178 176850082 Ganoh Teshil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176051 274044 Kangra Gunoh Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000179 176850183 Adhwani Adhwani-balardu Teshil Jawalamukhi Distt. Kangra 176066 0 Kangra Jawalamukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000180 174850117 Tahliwal Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 257022 Una Tahliwala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000181 176850083 Tang Narwana Vill. Tang Narwana P.o. Tang Distt. Kangra H.p. 176052 0 Kangra Yol Camp Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000182 174850119 Thana Kalan Tehsil Bangana Distt. Una H.p. 273100 Una Thana Kalan Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000183 177850037 Hareta V.p.o.hareta Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 174405 0 Hamirpur Galore Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000184 NA Majheen Tehsil Khundian Distt Kangra 0 Kangra Jawalamukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000185 NA Baloh Tehsil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur 177029 0 Hamirpur Bhoranj Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000186 NA Daraman Tehsil Shahpur Distt Kangra 0 Kangra Shahpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000187 NA Laren Kelo Tehsil Manali Distt. Kulu 175104 248008 Kulu Naggar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000188 NA Chamunda Tehsil Dharmshala Distt.kangra 176052 0 Kangra Chamunda Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000189 NA Alampur Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt.kangra 176082 0 Kangra Alampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000190 NA Harsi Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt.kangra 176082 259354 Kangra Jaisinghpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000191 NA Manpul Post Office Majiar Tehsil Nadaun Distt Hamirpur Pin 177038 233655 Hamirpur Nadaun Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000192 NA Lapiana Post Office Lapiana Tehsil Harchakian Distt Kangra 9418729713 Kangra Harchakian Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000193 NA Bhaleth Vpo Bhaleth Tehsil Sujanpur Distt Hamirpur Pin 176108 216144 Hamirpur Sujanpur Tira Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000194 NA Masrer Vpo Masrer Tehsil Dharamshala Distt Kangra Pin 176001 275306 Kangra Matour Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000195 NA Naggar Vpo Naggar Tehsil And Distt Kullu Pin 175130 9418433598 Kullu Naggar Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000196 NA Nalti Vpo Nalti Tehsil And Distt Hamirpur Pin 177001 247111 Hamirpur Nalti Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000197 NA Bathu Vpo Bathu Tehsil Haroli Distt Una Pin 174301 9882507419 Una Tahliwala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000198 NA Bhadsali Vpo Bhadsali Tehsil And Distt Una Pin 174317 9418272592 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000199 NA Gondpur Banera Tehsil Amb, District Una, Himachal Pradesh Pin 177213 268021 Una Goindpur Banehr Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000200 NA Tabo Tabo, Tehsil Spiti, District Lahul & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh 172113 222416 Lahul Spiti Tabo Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000201 NA Dah Kulara The Kangra Central Co Operative Bank Ltd Branch Office Dah Kulara Tehsil Indora Distt Kangra Hp 241475 Kangra Indora Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000202 NA Ranital The Kcc Bank Ltd, Bo Ranital, Distt Kangra Hp 176029 269037 Kangra Ranital Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000203 NA Gander Kcc Bank, Bo Gander 9418492541 Kangra Gander Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000204 NA Garh Jamula Po Malkher Tehsil Palampur Distt Kangra Hp Pin 176093 9805121443 Kangra Garh Jamula Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000205 NA Duhak Po Dukah, Teh Palampur, Distt Kangra H.p.- 176075 9736143066 Palampur Palamppur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000206 NA Uhal Vpo Uhal Tehsil Touni Devi Distt Hamirpur Pin Code 177022 9418009401 Hamirpur Uhal Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000207 NA Patlander Vpo Patlander Tehsil Sujanpur Distt Hamirpur Hp Pin176111 9459096299 Hamirpur Sujanpur Tira Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000208 NA Muhal V.p.o. Muhal Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. Pin 177117 9418678687 Kangra Jawalamukhi Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000209 NA Behdala Vpo Behdala Tehsil And Distt. Una H.p. 174306 9318856823 Una Behdala Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000210 NA Dosarka Near Police Line Po Hamirpur Tehsil Hamirpur Hp 9736143066 Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000211 NA Bhutti-lag Valley Bo Bhutti(lag Valley) Vpo Bhutti Tehsil Adnd Distt Kullu Hp Pin 175102 239006 Kulu Kulu Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000212 NA Gushani Bo Gushani Vpo Gushani Tehsil Banjar Distt Kullu Hp Pin-175123 228429 Kulu Gushaini Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000213 NA Garsa Bo Garsa Tehsil Bhuntae Distt Kullu Hp Pin-175125 272207 Kulu Gadsa Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000214 NA Padhiarkhar Village Dhraman Po Sungal Tehsil Palampur Distt Kangra Hp Pin-176061 9418156024 Kangra Palampur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000215 NA Salol Bo Salol Vpo Salol Tehsil And Distt. Kangra Hp Pin-176214 9418077140 Kangra Kangra Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000216 NA Brow Village Brow Post Office Rampur Tehsil Nirmand Distt Kullu Hp 9418170404 Kulu Nirmand Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000217 NA Pubowal Bo Pubowal Vpo Pubowal Tehsil Haroli Distt Una Hp 174503 0 Una Una Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000218 NA Rulhed Bo Rulhed Vpo Rulhed Tehsil Shahpur Distt Kangra Hp 176206 8894503116 Kangra Shahpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000219 NA Jalag Bo Jalag Vpo Jalag Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt Kangra Hp-176094 9418458577 Kangra Jaisinghpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000220 NA Dagoh Bo Dagoh Vpo Dagoh Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt Kangra Hp-176076 9418336685 Kangra Jaisinghpur Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000222 NA Nehrian The Kangra Central Co-op Bank Ltd Bo Nehrian Po Nehri Tehsil Amb Distt Una (hp) 9418974690 Una Nehrian Himachal Pradesh
KACE0000223 NA Baruhi Bo Baruhi Po Chowki Maniar Tehsil Bangana 233004 Una Chowki Maniar Himachal Pradesh

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