Ubersuggest SEO Keyword Research Tool Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will talk about the usage, features, and work process of Neil Patel ubersuggest keyword research tool to improve your website ranking.

ubersuggest keyword planner

Hello friends! hope you are well. Today we are gonna focus on ubersuggest free and paid plan to find what is best suit keyword for your website. the tool gives idea “How can use those keywords” to attract visitors and compare them with your competitor website keywords.

If you find the tool is boring and you want to gonna with others, you can read our SEMrush keyword tool guide or buy all plans using the below link.

Tool Overview

In Feb 2017 to win the game of SEO Neil Patel purchased the ubersuggest and modified their look the same as Neil Patel’s website. first, when the website came it was free and open for every visitor. the aim of the tool is not decided as now working on their website so, now you will get a number of restrictions. We think, the nail wan to make this tool, perfect replacement for the Google AdWords keyword tool and making changes accordingly. The tool is now available in paid and free plans but free plans have limited access using login or register through google account.

Three features are making Ubersuggest worthful:

  • Domain overview
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Content ideas
  • And More
ubersuggest keyword search tool features

Domain overview

Domain overview will provide you an idea about your website keyword score by entering a keyword or domain in terms of SEO. For this, you need to go to the dashboard where you will get a full overview. This section will give you the metrics relating to your query defined.

The overview has information on organic keywords, Monthly traffic, Domain score, Backlinks, and more.

ubersuggest keyword planner

Here You will also find a graph of all information with the metrics by date and time.

If you are continuously working on your website, you can keep your eye on the rankings over time. Graphs include a monthly view of keywords where your website is ranking.

You can select the country to get the top SEO pages as well as the page title, shares, and backlinks. here you will get estimated visitors for the top pages according to the country which you selected.

Here you will also able to see more information such as:

  • Difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Click on the results
  • The average search
  • The volume of traffic

Keyword Suggestions

if you know what keywords are searching into the search engine that can be a very powerful approach to generate more organic traffic. On the web has lots of keywords but the problem is that it’s not always easy to find the best suited long-tail keywords for niche and audience.

You can use this tool to find the keyword suggestions for your niche. These suggestions also have related keyword suggestions and their volume for your website content as an LSI keyword.

Keyword ideas are also provided to keep below things on your website to increase organic, referral, and direct traffic to your niche/site.

  • Related
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons

The tool also offers export or copy the keywords to put them your keywords into your google excel sheet or your future used keyword list.

Content ideas

If you have already used all ideas that you have in your queue list? then you can get ideas from the Ubersuggest content ideas tool for your niche.

On the content idea, You will be able to see the estimated visitors with ideas from other sites to each page, and backlinks in suggestions.

When you gather up all the keywords you can write your content and add more valuable information for your users.

Ubersuggest offered individuals, businesses, and enterprise plans according to your small and large business. You can build separate projects for each site and track your keyword rankings with respective reports. It also provides a tool for site auditing and competitor analysis.

Ubersuggest Price Plans

The tool price is cheap in comparison to ahref and Moz tools. you can choose any plan that they are giving but compare all plans features before going to buy. The three plans are right now available on their website with different costs. We will give you below screenshot of their plans but that may be changed by the site owner.

ubersuggest price plan

If you don’t want to buy this tool due to trust issues you can go with SEMrush tool for keyword findings as we told you at the starting of an article and you can find the full article with us.

Now let us show the price of ubersuggest suggest tool for month and year to increase your site SEO.

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