Wayback Machine Or Internet Archive, How Many People Really Know?

Reduce the annoying 404 pages from the website Wayback machine or internet archive is the best tool that automatically checks for an archived copy in the past months or year.

website archive pages

The Wayback internet archive machine detects dead pages, 404s, and other Web breakdowns. If you will try to put URL in machine Wayback archive, that returns those error codes if your page has.

In addition, you can find your website archive page with a site map on archives. The URL you will find by typing site: yoursitename.ex.

Among the thousands of people, only one person knows about the features of the Wayback machine or internet archive. Other people send a lot of time to find their page archive copy but they don’t use the google archive tools because just they don’t aware of such important tools.

The internet archive has archived more than 500 billion webpages with their algorithms that uses to determine what to nail and when.

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How to get website archive pages

To get the archive page you must have the website URL or page URL to put on the Wayback machine site. The machine site URL is “archive.org/web“.

Wayback machine

The search page will look like below, where you will get the input URL to find the list of archive pages with year and date.

internet archieve date and year

On the URL search, you will get the all available archived dates or years there you can find a responsive searched page. If the page or URL doesn’t have any archive you will get a no data found screen.

internet archieve no result found

Now click on the date where you want to find the archived copy. It will open the page look below like a shared sample screenshot.

internet wayback archieve machine result found

The site recently adds more features, you can upload images, video, or share many more to register an account.

A huge number of websites are providing such an archive copy of the website. The nine Wayback Machine Alternative sites are available that can be used in place of the archive web site.

  • Stillio Automatic Screenshots
  • archive.today
  • Yubnub
  • iTools
  • Alexa
  • Domain Tools
  • PageFreezer
  • WebCite
  • Time Travel

Extension List For Wayback Machine Alternative

  • Save To The Wayback Machine
  • Wayback Everywhere
  • Web Archiver
  • WayBack Chrome
  • Web Archive for WayBack Machine
  • FirstDraftNewsCheck
  • Web TimeMachine
  • Web Archives
  • Archiveror
  • Archive Page
  • Treeverse

Hope this article will help you to get an idea about the machine archive site and help you to understand how it will work for you if you will use this website. You can comment on us if you have any questions or follow us on Facebook or telegram to get more featured updates.

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