What Is Clever And Student Login Single Sign-on

Today, we will talk about online video eduction website, clever. Online education is a modern education system for K–12 education where you don’t need to go anywhere and search for education from home. With a Single Sign-on student login, you will get teachers online and they will teach you respective subjects. You can say clever is a big part of the world’s digital learning platforms for resources, communication, and instruction.

Clever single sign on

Below We will talk about each part of the clever website and feature so, keep read our article to get more information on “what is clever”, “clever student login” and single sign-on clever-like information.

With the clever, you can access everything with sign-on. If you have the entire school community on this portal then you can get any resource with a single sign-on that is free for school districts. This is the same as the google classroom app and simple as the google classroom sign in or google classroom login portal.

Digital classrooms are easy for teachers/staff to personalize their instruction, discover new programs, and stay connected with students and their families to share all reports from time to time. With this teacher also able to make changes in student’s online notebooks by remote access.

Clever For School

Schools can create a community & connect with students, families, and teachers. These steps will help in engaging the students for challenges from anywhere. The teacher will able to connect with the school with one click. With these teachers and schools connect with families so, they can send a message to each other if needed. Here you can also find multiple languages in the portal to understand each other.

In the login panel student will get options of a registered school. For login, they need to select their school (you can search by school name) and enter a username with the password for it. You can use clever login with a google account that is easy to enter in any system.

The student also has the option to log in with badges, in this option students need to click on login with a badge and hold a school badge in front of the camera.

Clever Pricing

The clever will give you three options as per school need. The pricing plans of clever include Secure Sync Lite, Secure Sync, and Secure Sync Enterprise. All plans are annually billed plans and you can ask to quote you for custom plans.

The plans have their own limitations, certification, sandbox access, and features.

clever single sign-on pricing plans for student, teachers, and schools

Clever Teacher Panel

How to create a page by teacher:

  1. Log into Clever and click on Homeroom.
  2. Click “Add”, and then choose “Page”.
  3. Give your page an intuitive name and description.
  4. Personalize your page.
  5. Add apps, links, PDFs, and categorize for students to understand.
  6. Upload an icon for the page

Teacher able to do:

  1. Share messages with students via Teacher Pages.
  2. Allow students to reply on the respective page.
  3. Edit and delete announcements.
  4. Send and receive messages right from Portal.
  5. Turn messages on and off at discretion.
  6. Provide assistance.
  7. Check “Analytics” for students’ activity in the last 7 days. For example, clever lausd and broward is a top student login state in the USA as per the analytics of some teachers.
  8. Easily follow-up with families.

Clever Customer Care/Support

If you are an admin then you will get a contact form in your admin panel. From that, you can contact us to support and they will give you answer asap as per their minimum required time.

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