Whats My Ip Or WHOIS Lookup Ip Location Check

Here we will talk about whois IP or what is my IP address or Whats My Ip or WHOIS lookup IP or IP lookup related queries. The number of people are daily search for these queries and get the hosting location. We will share all information about the meaning and how to find this. Here you will also get a search box to get your IP address.

Whats My Ip Or WHOIS Lookup Ip Location Check

First, we want to introduce to you, our IP Lookup tool, with the below tool you will able to find your current IP address quickly without any tool search.

Your current IP is below:

Your IP:

Now If you want to find other domain A, MX, CName, NS, and SOA records then you can get through the below search whois dns lookup or dns checker or DNS Lookup Tool.

Check Domain DNS
Enter Domain URL:

Now we are going to move on to more information on Whois Service.

What is the WHOIS Service?

Whois Lookup is a largely used record listing system for the internet that identifies who is the owner of the domain and what is the contact information to reach the owner to contact them. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers also called ICANN supervises the domain name registration and right of possessing all related operations. Whois records are useful to run and internet related services and developed for maintaining the unique identity of the domain registration ownership.

What is the WHOIS record?

A Whois record contains the owner or company contact information as well as A, MX, CName, NS, SOA, and more records for a particular domain. The other information like registration dates, name servers, recent updates, and expiration date also come in whois record. Whois records are used in administrative and technical process management but sometimes all information is hidden by domain owner through proxy details for public reach. Hiding the information is called private registration.

Why Use DNS Records

There is a number of points you may need to read to get an idea of why DNS records are important for any country or govt or owner or domain selling company.

  1. Strengthen the stability and security of the Internet to maintain the right contact among network operators, response teams, and ISPs.
  2. Regulating the status of the domain.

3 . Supporting law enforcement that is important for national or international investigations.

  1. Help in the cyber battle and tracking the source of misusing the information for illegal purposes.
  2. Helping in fighting fraud and safeguarding.

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