Whatsapp Web and Desktop Features, app messenger

Today we will talk about a top-rated and largely used mobile app called Whatsapp messenger app. Here we will get an idea of how to use Whatsapp web, use GB Whatsapp with the latest features and updates. With us, you will able to get all information that query is search by many people to find, whats new on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Web and Desktop Features, app messenger

Whatsapp Web

It is a desktop platform that is used to access your mobile Whatsapp app on desktop/pc/laptop. You can use this app on the iPad as a Whatsapp iPad app. This web app reduces your large time and you don’t need to open your mobile or device again and again, just need to go on the tab where you have to open it.

Whatsapp Messenger Download, Login, Logout

To access Whatsapp messenger desktop, you need to download its downloadable file from WhatsApp online platform on your desktop/laptop/iPad.

whatapp web application news

Now installed the application and follow the steps to log in on the desktop.

  1. open your phone app that is normal Whatsapp or GB WhatsApp.
  2. now go into the “setting” tab, where you will get the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” option.
  3. Make sure you will keep the sign in on both mobile and desktop app so you need to select the “Keep me signed in” checkbox also.
  4. Now scan your QR code that is visible on your desktop screen.
  5. once your authentication will complete you will able to access Whatsapp online on your desktop.

Now if in any case or after completing your work, you want to logout desktop messenger app then you have to go into the top-down arrow and choose logout to close the session.

App Privacy Control

Here you will get many privacy options to check things:

  • Group privacy settings
  • Profile photo privacy
  • Two-step verification
  • Lock your WhatsApp
  • Read receipts
  • Last seen
  • And more

Whatsapp Business Features

You can use the below features of the Whatsapp app to get more growth in your business and increase your position on the internet to increase your visibility options.

Audio and video calling for WhatsApp Web

You can join your clients on audio or video calling from anywhere, suppose you are outside from your office or on some urgent leave but you have to attend your client in any urgency or providing support to being a good client relationship then you can use Whatsapp messenger audio or video calling feature.

Multi-device support

You can use multi-device to connect to a number of systems. Suppose you want to see a single message window of many connected users then you can use a QR code to open your respective Whatsapp message chat screen for different-different users.

Ability to mute videos before sending

You will able to mute your audio or video at any time if you feel anything going out of scope which you thought or situation come where you have to leave the meeting for a few minutes/seconds to solve those unwanted things.

Read later feature

This is the best feature of Whatsapp business, that will help you to read your message after some time suppose you are on the middle of some action and want to read that message after completing it, this feature will help you to rea your upcoming message after some time and will notify you on login.

Joining missed group calls at any time

Here you will get all missed call notices when you come online and that will help you to check who called you before whenever you are not in a situation to give any answer or missed by you due to any reason.

Ability to attach multiple photos and videos

Using this feature you will able to upload multiple photos and videos to share your work or any user content that your client is expecting from you.

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