Word Counter, Character Count Tool

With us, you will get a word counter, character count, and sentence counter tool that will show you how many words, with or without space character in your online paragraph. This will help you to check your content is useful for your destination place or social network like check Twitter word count without losing long article formatting.

Word Counter, Character Count Tool

First, have a look at the tool that have all option which you are looking here:

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What Is A Word Counter?

A word counter is designed for counting help in a text document. Our word counter tool will help you to set specific formatting features like a bullet or number listing, boldness, clear formatting, heading, etc… When using our word counter, you will want to make sure, you are looking into the right count with space or without space. It is also important for an SEO word counter to increase site ranking.

Benefit Of Our Word Count Tool

Our word count tool will help you in many online platforms where you will work with a character limit, good writing formatted paragraphs, and more. You can use our tool in high school to write content on your subject. The tool also helps in making money for example:

Online Content Writers

A number of freelancers working as a writer and work on writing projects to earn money. These project’s prices are based on word counts or character count. Such type of projects needs some counter tool that keeps track word/character count and makes your blogging/writing much easier.

Content Marketers

Content marketing also a good approach to make money and need a good tool that helps in writing the best formatting content with the content limit as per costing. Our tool will help you to write good formatting content with a word frequency counter that will help you to just copy & paste your content in another place.

Our tool is totally free and we don’t store any type of your content so, you can use our tool for any type of word count.

Social Media Word Counts

The number of social media channels have a word limit and allow you to add content within that limit for example:

Twitter Character Limit

Twitter only allows up to 280 characters with 10,000 characters daily direct messages limit. You have to match that limit otherwise twitter will not allow you to post content or may block you.

Facebook Post Character Limits

Facebook has 63,206 characters per post daily limits but generally, people don’t reach that limit. Nowadays some people post articles so, you can use our tool to track word count in the word limit.

Hope our tool will help you to reach your goal and you will like our tool to joining us on social site to get more updated news from us.

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